Playing True is great for any style of performer—dancers, actors, performance artists.  My teaching incorporates many techniques from Balinese Monkey Chanting to European Clowning while focusing on Philippe Gualier’s method of Le Jeu .  Le Jeu-game and play-is the basis of everything, the pleasure and desire to be a performer.  Playing on stage is the same as a child playing at cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, mad scientist...  In this workshop you will find how great your desire to play is while learning some principle techniques of Philippe Guaulier: complicity, fixed point, and playing with your partner for an audience.

We will say we are actors, we will be scared and we will fail, but hopefully if our pleasure to play is great enough we will discover the piece of magic inside that makes the audience adore us.  We learn to put character on top of this pleasure to play, never killing this pleasure, but increasing it by searching for complicite and jokes with our partner and the audience.  Philippe Gaulier describes,

Never should an actor playing a melancholy character be melancholy. On the contrary. while always showing his pleasure, he will at every moment indicate that none of this is for real and we will believe him precisely because none of this is for real. In the theatre, we don't believe what is true. We believe - in honor of our childhood no doubt - what is false, totally false.

The student will question their training and themselves, “Is my pleasure immense enough to entertain thousands of spectators, or not so immense?  If not, leave the stage.  You won’t be loved enough.

Jon Morris Jon has taught master classes at Harvard, NYU, Pace, Vanderbilt, the University of the South and workshops across the United States and Europe. He has performed and created with Fuerzabruta, Cirque du Soleil, Theatre de la Jeune Lune, Patrice Chereau, Robert Wilson, Tina Landau, Aszure Barton, Ken Roht's Orphean Circus, Spymonkey, Diavolo Dance Theatre, The Guthrie Theatre, The MET,  Fabulous Monsters, and previously with Jay Scheib (Bellona, Destroyer of Cities and World of Wires).  He has been featured in films by Jonathan Dayton and Valari Faris, David Michalek, and Anson Mount.  He is the founder/director of The Windmill Factory, “manufacturing the sublime.”  Recent projects include Castle of Shadows in Cartagena, Colombia; Kaleidoscope for Art Assets; Balloon Chandelier for The Feast's World's Faire Pavilion; Balloon Vortex at MIT’s Media Lab & for Red Bull; Refelcting the Stars recreating the night sky in the Hudson River; Our Hearts, a music video for breakout band Firehorse; Atomic City at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center/La MaMa ETC, The Wedge a massive slide/aerial performance space at Burning Man. He is a Thomas J. Watson Fellow, Tennessee Williams Fellow, 6-time All-American Springboard Diver, and holds a B.A. from the University of the South, Sewanee.  |

“Working with Jon is exciting and interesting.

We never knew what he would bring to the table from day to day.”

--Jean-Francois Bouchard, Cirque Du Soleil

“A unique opportunity to learn from a master of technique.”

Martin Brady, Nashville Scene

The Course